"Lyon: Besson inaugurates the malls" - La Correspondance de l'Enseigne ; 06/11/19

We still sign on the shows! The president of Besson, Francois Gireau, affixed Thursday afternoon his signature on a lease to La Part-Dieu, the first store of the chain in mall ... Nevertheless in downtown. The 600 sqm located on the first floor, next to C & A, aim at a turnover equivalent to that of its historical format in the periphery, which achieves 2.5 million on double surfaces of 1,200 sqm. A second test will open in the Paris region in March 2020. In the meantime, the expansion, led by GFRE (Pascal Franceschi and Philippe Godbert), must add about fifteen stores a year to count 200 under five years. Besson has 140 addresses in France. The offer to 90% shoes and 10% accessory produces a ticket of €45.

"Besson Shoes: 650 sqm in the La Part-Dieu Shopping Center, Lyon 3 " - Article in La Lettre M2 ; 06/11/19

Besson Shoes rented 650 sqm GLA in the La Part-Dieu shopping center, Lyon 3. Landlord: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield. First development in a shopping center for the brand. Opening: end of November. Transaction: GFRE (Philippe Godebert, Pascal Franceschi).

"Private savings sought for the renovation of city centers" - Les Echos ; 06/05/19

In the face of downtown revitalization policies, peripheral retail projects are becoming more exceptional. Shopping center operators advocate for an urban sewing strategy across the territory.

"After the periphery, Besson will test a concept in a shopping center" - Business Immo ; 11/15/18

Live from Mapic (Cannes) - A little more than a year after leaving Vivarte's real estate management, Pascal Franceschi now acts as an independent consultant in sign development, renegotiation of leases and asset portfolio sales, within FranceschiAdvisor and the GFRE structure (Godbert Franceschi Real Estate) which he founded with Philippe Godbert. Against a background of commercial landscape in full reconfiguration, the trade specialist has just landed a mandate with Besson, a sign he knows well. He lifts the veil on the ambitions of this multimarch who adept on the periphery. But not only…

"Trade is lucky, it's a living matter, signs must adapt, change or revolution!" - La Lettre M2 ; 11/01/18

Point of view given at the SIEC show to define the stakes of changes in the world of commerce.

Meeting on the occasion of the conference "What if real estate becomes mobile" - Radio Immo ; 09/20/18

Live from the Graslin Theater in Nantes, Pascal Franceschi talks about FranceschiAdvisor's activity and the transformation of the real estate trades at the conference "What if real estate becomes mobile?"

"Mandate La Halle aux Chaussures"

- Press release ; 05/28/18

White Stone Press Release at the closing of the real estate arbitrage of La Halle aux Chaussures

"Understanding the operating accounts of the banners" - Conference ; 11/30/17

A day to facilitate the economic understanding of the business model of the signs and to detect specificities by type of activity. In partnership with Casas & Associés and FranceschiAdvisor's Pascal Franceschi

"Physical trade: the digital rebates the cards" - Business Immo ; 11/28/17

As with roulette, the future of the trade seems to be played by a thread. Red, e-commerce wins. Black, the physical store wins. If the arrival of phygital mitigates this dichotomy by bringing new levers of growth to retailers, remains the magic combination to find: that which will transform the place of sale in place of life. Place your bets.

"Caroll is the women's brand for women!" - Interview ; 11/19/17

Presentation of Caroll at the Franchise Expo Paris show

Interview during the 2017 Mapic

- Radio Immo ; 11/15/17

From the Palais des Festival de Cannes for the 2017 Mapic exhibition, Pascal Franceschi gives an analysis of consumer change in relation to the 'food and beverage' trend

Exhibition of the SIEC Edition 2017 - SITES Commerciaux 07/01/17

Press review by Kantar Médias after the SIEC show.

Interview at the Franchise Expo 2017 

- Toute La Franchise ; 04/24/17

Toute La Franchise interviewed Pascal Franceschi on the occasion of Franchise Expo 2017

"Caroll, Minelli, San Marina and Naf Naf appear at the Salon de la Franchise" - Fashion Network ; 03/21/17

While the French group is going through a deep restructuring, Vivarte surprised with the presence on the Salon de la Franchise, from March 19th to 22nd in Paris, of four of its brands.

"Real estate: financing and optimization" - Institut de l'Épargne Immobilière et Foncière" ; 07/05/16

Digitization and the management of industrial processes are all issues in the making and with which occupiers as investors must now compose.

Debate: "Optimization of corporate real estate: strategic assets or financial resources?" - French Association of Institutional Investors ; 05/26/16

Real estate and finance - Optimization of real estate on the balance sheet - Sale & leaseback - Operations on head office - Which partners (asset, property management, facility management)? - What alternatives? - Real Estate and Corporate Strategy - Real Estate, Costs and CSR - M & A / Private Equity: Optimized Real Estate Refinancing upon Acquisition - Tax Impact

Member of the High Street Retail Commission - 03/16/16

Pascal Franceschi joins the CNCC's High Street Retail Committee, to give a new economic impetus to the downtown business in light of what will be Emmanuel Macron's "Action Coeur de Ville" plan.

"Reconverting industrial and urban wastelands" - Report of the ADI ; 11/23/15

"From the successful transformation of the sites to the mutation of the territories", report published by the ADI with the participation of Pascal Franceschi within the working group on 'Building Modeling Information'.

"Commercial Planning" - Conference ; 11/03/15

Round table from the Hôtel d'Évreux on the theme "Specialized Signs: How to Succeed in Your Commercial Establishments?"

- Optimal visibility, high traffic or better value for money: what are the criteria for distributors to choose their commercial locations and their main expectations?

- How to deal with the conditions of negotiation between donors and retailers in the context of the polarization of the market?

- Decline in purchasing power and decline in attendance: how to accompany the worst performing stores?

"Altarea Cogedim is a historical partner of Vivarte group" - Retail ; 11/02/15

The Altarea Cogedim group welcomes in its shopping centers the most beautiful brands. Zoom on the recent news of our signs.

L'Enseigne d’Or Édition 2015 - Composition of the jury ; 10/20/15 

The 25th L'Enseigne d'Or ceremony (the prize rewards the most astonishing and best-performing concepts in their category) took place again this year in the beautiful Théâtre des Champs-Élysées where all the Paris of Brands, Investors, Design agencies was gathered.

"Loi Pinel: the feedback of experience" - intervention ; 03/15/15

Pascal Franceschi intervenes on the Loi Pinel during a seminar for the Institut Français d'Expertise Immobilière.

Appointment to the Board of Directors of the ADI - Press kit ; 02/01/15

Pascal Franceschi becomes Administrator of the ADI. His expertise in the dynamics of trading companies will help explain to professionals from the financial world, the dilemmas they face.

L'Enseigne d'Or Edition 2014, La Halle is Renovation Winner - Théâtre des Champs-Élysées 09/15/14

La Halle receives the Renovation Trophy for the Enseigne d'Or 2014 Edition at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées.

"Trophies "Young Hopes" to encourage the next generation!" - Press release 06/17/14

Innovation for this 15th edition of the Trophies, the CNCC awarded 2 "Young Hopes" trophies for people under 35

Sale of the historic headquarters - 08/01/13

Sale of the historic headquarters of the André Group since become Vivarte, avenue de Flandres in Paris.

Pascal Franceschi is chosen as Administrator of the CNCC - 05/20/13

Pascal Franceschi joins the Board of Directors of CNCC (National Council of Shopping Centers). The CNCC has endeavored to stimulate and organize the reflection and joint work of its members, and to strengthen its audience, particularly in the direction of the public authorities. Its board of directors is composed of investors, managers, retailers, commercial sites, service providers, B to B, and contributory personalities.

"E-commerce : impact and consequences for the logistic industry" - Conférence at the Mapic ; 11/26/12

Richard Holberton (Head of EMEA Logistics Research) is joined by panellists Pascal Franceschi, Zen Yaworsky, and Ali Nassiri to explore the consequences of predicted growth in online retailing for the logistics market and how different market players, including retailers, are responding.

Elevation to the rank of Knight of Tastevin - 11/03/12

During the 1085th Chapter of Taste and Gastronomy at the Château du Clos de Vougeot, Pascal Franceschi was elevated to the rank of knight in the Tastevin brotherhood.

L'Ensigne d'Or, 2012 Edition, Théâtre des Champs Elysées, ; 10/08/12

Participation in the presentation of the Enseigne d'Or 2012 Edition at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris.

"It is essential to have a detailed knowledge of your real estate" - La Lettre de l'immobilier ; 10/01/12

Testimony of Pascal Franceschi as a client of Arkeance Consulting on the issues of the management of commercial leases.

"Brands are required to be equipped with a management tool as efficient as that of the lessors" - Business Immo ; 09/25/12

Managing 2,700 leases, 1.7 million sqm representing 20 banners, the Vivarte group is a giant of commerce. To optimize its property portfolio, the group has set up a property management information system developed by Legal Suite. Details with Pascal Franceschi and Grégory Amsellem.

"What real estate strategy?" - International Exhibition of Transport and Logistics ; 04/12/12

Intervention of Pascal Franceschi on the occasion of the SITL.

Member of the SIMI Grand Prix Jury, 2011 Edition - SimiNews ; 12/02/11

Awarded by a jury composed exclusively of real estate executives from leading French companies, the 2011 SIMI Grands Prix, sponsored by GENERALI France Immobilier, reward office and logistics buildings.

Member of the SIMI Grand Prix Jury, 2010 edition - Press Kit 12/02/10

Awarded by a jury composed exclusively of real estate executives from leading French companies, the 2010 SIMI Grands Prix, sponsored by GENERALI France Immobilier, reward office and logistics buildings.

Legal Suite Trophy 2010 - 06/14/10

Legal Suite organized on June 14th in Paris, a workshop on the optimized management of the real estate heritage with the testimony of the Group Vivarte, leader of the market of the equipment of the person and European reference in the management of the leases. Management by visibility, the control of expenses as well as the improvement of the productivity of the real estate service have become strategic issues. Legal Suite contributes to the biggest names in mass distribution.

Interview for the Observatoire de la Franchise ; 07/12/09

At Franchise Expo Paris 2009, Pascal Franceschi answers questions from the Observatoire de la Franchise.

"Vivarte and AtisReal together find real estate solutions" - Interview ; 03/01/09

The Vivarte group frequently calls upon the Atisreal real estate services specialist to build solutions and put into practice its logistics real estate decisions. Example of collaboration between a Real Estate Advisor and its Charger around the sign Caroll.

Pascal Franceschi becomes a member of PROCOS - 10/09/07

Pascal Franceschi becomes a member of PROCOS. While the cities of small and medium-sized cities suffer from a scarcity of shops downtown to the benefit of the peripheries, the PROCOS uses its quantitative studies to try to better perceive the phenomenon.

"'Awake the sleeping beauty' is one of our specialties" - Franchise Magazine ; 03/28/07

Interview at the end of the Salon 'Franchise Expo Paris'.

"The ARGAN Company delivers a logistics platform for the CAROLL brand" - Press release ; 03/27/07

On July 31, 2006, the Argan Company delivered a logistics base for the Caroll brand, a subsidiary of the Vivarte group (specialist in personal equipment) in the town of Ascoux, near Pithiviers in Loiret (45), near the A19 motorway.

Pascal Franceschi, Luc Chandelon and Daniel Tixier explain the progress of the operation.

"We define ourselves as a large-scale trader with a very pro-active approach" - Objectif Logistique 03/15/07

La Halle aux Chaussures, André, Kookaï ... These signs - and a few others - have one thing in common: their belonging to the Vivarte group. This newcomer to Afilog has many concerns. Its expansion and asset / asset manager, Pascal Franceschi, tells us more ...

Election as Director of AFILOG - 03/10/07

Pascal Franceschi becomes administrator of AFILOG. With the objective of improving the logistics function representing 10% of the national GDP, 200 billion euros in turnover and 1.8 million jobs, will begin a thorough work on the logistic building of tomorrow in adequacy with BREEAM methods and the need to create concrete plans around 'last mile logistics'.

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